Hoag’s Tour Diary (entry #1) Aug. 2013

Headed to a swimming hole in Tennessee somewhere. Been in a long day cooped up in the Whale on the way to our first show of the tour in Baltimore to play at the Steffy’s. So far the highlight of the trip has been Vitali’s incredulous reaction to Walmart. He made a video diary about it, in fact. That little guy is still learning about this crazy country, and I tell ya; I love seeing the world through his eyes. Anyway, time to get out and walk to–wait…I am now being told it is not only a swimming hole, but also a water fall. I will report back shortly.
Holy smokes, that was the real deal. It was like something out of South America. (Although I am unqualified to make that statement, as I have never been to South America). I’ll admit to being slightly afraid of standing under the falls for the group photo, but I am a creature of imagination, and in this case I imagined a free-falling stone taking a ride with the water and landing on my head, which may not have been a fatal scenario but possibly would have knocked me unconscious, or–barring that–at the very least have caused me embarrassment. But nothing of the sort took place. We just laughed and frolicked under the falls, and in fact there was even a rainbow! Now if that doesn’t teach me not to worry so much… In any case, here are some photos of the trip to Burgess Falls, TN.