Hoag’s Tour Diary (entry #7)

When we were home for a day off my mom busted out this record player she got for me at a garage sale. It was a steal at only $10. I’m digging the wood and compactability (?) of it. The side latches are cool too. And best of all, you can actually crank the volume on it pretty high.

After Momsaw showed it to me, I went down to the basement to check out her and my Dad’s old record collection, which until now was useless in the absence of a record player. GOLD mine. The Tempations, The Supremes, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper and White Albums. Frank Sinatra, James Taylor, Carly Simon, John Denver, George Harrison, Mozart, Bach, and soundtracks to The Empire Strikes Back, the first Muppet Movie, and even the “Sounds of the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies World Series Champions”.

I know I’m way late to the party on the whole record player thing, but there really is something exhilarating about it. It’s tactile. You take the big square sleeve, pull out the big round vinyl, place it under the big straight needle, listen to the needle to vinyl contact scratch; it’s a whole process. That’s what’s fun about it, there’s a process. There’s no process in the digital listening experience. Point-and-click, or finger-to-touch-screen just doesn’t cut it. The listener doesn’t DO anything to help make the experience happen. We are not complicit in the experience, we are removed from it. With a record, there’s a flow of involvement from creation to listening experience: The artist writes the song, the microphones in the studio record it, and the listener unpacks the product and places it onto the mechanical record player.

Can’t wait to bring this sucker back to Austin.