20 tour.
My name is Pato Smellman and we are on the 20 tour. It is so ohesome!  I feel we have stumbled into an amazing way of touring!!  Every stop, without fail, surprises me.  I knew that we were going out to see big fans, new and old, but I didn’t imagine all sweet adventures and great people it would bring.  I mean… gosh!!  We have played underneath rocket ships, in beautiful houses, rad barns, cabins, park sheds, backyards, workshops and on back porches.  We have rocked with generations of Grabowski’s, Kepner’s, Merydith’s, Smith’s, and Rankin’s.  We’ve been fed very well even though we have two vegetarians and a gluten-free warrior.  AND… people buy us freaking delicious beers, provide amazing baked goods, let us wash clothes AND ARE JUST AS STOKED AS WE ARE!!!!!  It’s unbelievable.  I feel very privileged to be in so many different places where every single person is in a fantastic mood and very happy to see each other.  Thank you so much to everyone who has had us play for them.  We are extremely lucky to have people in our lives so down to help us chase dreams.

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