Sitting in the sun room at the home of Momsaw and Dadsaw in Philly, PA, after a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast and OJ, a nice little workout in the basement, and some quality time with Daisy the dog, I realize being a part of Full Service means more than just another group of guys to play music with and sometimes hit the road on tour. This band, whether it found me or I found it, or a bit of both, truly feels right, it’s that thing that I’ve known in the back of my mind for years that I would eventually come across, the reason I spent more time during college in my room practicing bass than practicing Spanish, why staying healthy and active always held more appeal to me than playing Xbox or WOW, why I knew Austin was where my life was urging me to go.  Although there was no job lined up, only a few friends in town, and about 1200 miles from what I called home, something was pulling me to central Texas, the “Live music capitol of the world.” After two and a half months of searching craigslist daily for competent bands needing a bass player and networking as much as possible within the music scene there, I began to wonder if what I was looking for would come along, and if so, how long would it take? Two more months? A year perhaps? Five years? Regardless, the city was beautiful; the people, the scenery, the springs, the biking culture, it all felt so right, and with eventually landing a job as a bouncer on 6th street to pay my bills, the only thing left was to find that right band, the one to make me know without a doubt that I made the right move, that the feeling in my gut that it was all going to work out as it should was valid and that my steps of blind faith would be warranted and rewarded.

By now you’ve probably heard the story of my meeting FS and how it seemed to be impeccable timing for both parties.  How our lifestyles and rock and roll souls seem to align as the planets do in those eerie sci fi tales of the reawakening of the beast from its slumber to challenge the cosmic king and potentially put an end to all of humanity in the process. This seemingly perfect alignment will potentially shake humanity in a similar way, but should be more of a universal rock and roll revelation, awakening the masses to their recent digression in musical taste and allow them feel the truly harmonious vibrations of quality music as they were meant to be felt.

That being said, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to join forces with Bonesaw, Hoag, and Smelly in their lifelong endeavor to feed the world its musical sustenance, and cannot begin to convey my admiration for what has been done already.  Seven studio albums, playing shows with 311 (idols of mine as well, as the first cover band I ever played in was heavily influenced by the likes of PNut and Chad Sexton), filming a DVD of the ingenious touring idea known as Takeovers to get the music to their ideal fan base, intimate acoustic shows at fan’s houses.. all of this speaks very highly of the integrity, determination and grounding of this band. Grounding in the sense of being on the same level and connecting with fans, knowing that when a band puts themselves on a pedestal above the listeners, there grows this impassible gap, this distance between musician and audience that causes the fan to always feel inferior.  Full Service connects. Honestly, warmly, wholeheartedly and genuinely. That is what being a band is all about, and that is the way to make REAL fansaws, ones that are friends, ones that want your company because they truly enjoy you as people, not just because the music shreds. Although the music definitely does shred.

Being halfway through my first toursaw, I can say that the people I have met thus far have proven to me what I already knew, that this is a very unique band.  The fans and friends I have had the pleasure of meeting at various club shows or in their living rooms filled with delicious food and beer and laughter have had nothing but amazing things to say about the guys.  No other band has ever connected on the same level as Full Service, and these folks are truly a part of the FS family.  They have become friends, not just fans. If you see a show, there will probably be a part during the set where Bonesaw says how these shows should be like family gatherings.  People should be friends, know those around them and embrace the company as well as the music, and then the music stops temporarily for a time to turn and meet someone you don’t know and make a new friend.  The band also takes a moment to introduce ourselves to an unfamiliar face to make it a familiar face.  This is what Full Service is all about.  Music, friends, family, kindness, and oh yeah, sports. That last one will be saved for another entry however.  For now, I will say that I am blessed beyond belief to be a part of this family, and the acceptance I’ve received from many loyal fansaws already has been amazing.  I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of you!

Always love,


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