Full Service’s “Me and the Moon” Music Video: Can You Crack the Code?

                There’s a lot going on in this thing. A lot of stuff surrounds our hallucinatory campsite as we attempt to…well, what exactly are we attempting to do in this video? We want you to try to tell us first. Someday, perhaps, Hoag will reveal just what exactly was going through his head when he and the guys came up with all this. But hopefully the visuals and dramas played out in this video can combine with the lyrics to lead you to the answers. So, FIRST…see how many of the 50 items you can check off, and THEN…try your hand at the short-answer questions that follow. Good luck!

50-item Checklist:

1)      Old projector

2)      Birdcage with skull inside (and presumably a key to the HQ)

3)      Our neighbor Sam’s old red lantern

4)      Our neighbor Sam

5)      Walker Surfboards sticker

6)      KMOD Tulsa sticker

7)      White 20-Tour bracelet from Jon McGuire’s 20-Tour show

8)      Sean’s dad’s pocketwatch

9)      2 agave plants

10)   2 black phones

11)   Color Spectrum Analyzer

12)   Wooden rocketship

13)   The initials of Edna St. Vincent Mallay

14)   Photo of Hoag’s old dog Nessie

15)   Photo of Hoag and Bonesaw’s old cat “Arwen”

16)   6 Pack Deep Sticker (6PD)

17)   A piece of chalk (being used)

18)   Pair of wirecutters

19)   Laundry line

20)   White clock set to 11:30

21)   Red clock set to 8:27

22)   Black clock set to 2:24

23)   Small white desk clock set to 6:02

24)   Black clock set to 3:11

25)   Mini sculpture of Michelangelo’s “Pieta”

26)   The numbers 36, 33, and 29 on a yellow legal pad

27)   Yellow bracelet from the 2013 Full Service Circus festival

28)   A saw

29)   A candlestick

30)   Red and blue yarn

31)   A tambourine

32)   A shaker

33)   A wheelbarrow

34)   Hoag’s cell-phone (mistakenly left in the shot)

35)   2 different charts depicting the phases of the moon

36)   Bonesaw’s bike-light

37)   Black and white photo of us performing at the beach on the 2nd 311 Caribbean Cruise

38)   A small painting of a rib cage

39)   A wooden frog figurine

40)   Vines

41)   A miniature, portable television set

42)   Conch shell

43)   A sasquatch sno-globe that says “Washington” on it

44)   A photo of Sean with his great aunt

45)   A photo of our old bass player Twinky-P

46)   A framed collage of Hoag and Bonesaw as kids with their family

47)   A turtle shell

48)   A red canoe

49)   The Whale

50)   Bonesaw’s old amplifier tubes

Analysis Questions:

1)      Who wrote the poem that is recited at the beginning of the video?

2)      What does EsVA stand for?

3)      What is the significance of the different times displayed on the clocks?

4)      What is the significance of the different times displayed on the clocks?

5)      To whom or what is Hoag talking on the phone? Is he conversing, or is it a one-sided conversation?

6)      Why are there photos of family and friends and old pets on the fence behind the control center?

7)      Why is there so much electrical equipment around? And why is it mixed in with primitive tools like saws, candles, and wheels?

8)      What are Sean and Smell doing with those wheels?

9)      What is the significance of the fabric being woven into the wheels near the end? In addition to “Me and the Moon”, to what song from our “Roaming Dragons” album does this imagery refer?

10)   Did you find a reference to a lyric in “Flower Boxes” from our album Carousel? Where?

11)   Why do images of our wide-eyed faces appear randomly in the middle of the video?

12)   What is the appearance of our neighbor Sam at the end meant to indicate? What does his sign mean?

13)   What are we trying to do in the video, ultimately? Did we succeed?

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3 thoughts on ““Me and the Moon” Video :: Can You Crack the Code?”

  1. Joelynn

    42. That’s the answer!

    This is like something straight from Nick Bantock’s ‘The Forgetting Room’. Love it! (Even if I don’t get it all!)

  2. StrangerWandererPilgrim

    I am proud of you all doing what you were meant for . We are brothers even though we have not yet met . I will be lifting you fellas up , you can count on that . I Love you guys , thank you for your obedience

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