Back in 2003/2004, before we had a bass player, before we even had Smell in the band, Bonesaw and I wrote and recorded a very minimalist, bare bones acoustic album of songs with titles like “Olivia”, “Lizards on the Tree”, “Pizza Song”, “5:42“, and more. Going back and listening to your earliest, rawest records is tough, because your hear all the stuff you did poorly that–over time–you’ve learned how to do a lot better. Everything from arrangement, to lyrics, to vocal technique. But there’s something cool about these songs for sure, and there are some really hardcore fans of the album. Two of whom (Jon and Felicia McGuire) asked if we would come to their house and play “Irie Love” in its entirety. So we had to dig back into the vault, re-learn the songs, and revisit them live 11 years later. So without further ado, here is “Irie Live: Irie Love 2015”

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