Saturday the 10th put us in Milford, CT for a show at Bruce’s parents’ house. Many of you know Bruce, he’s our roommate back in Austin and he is Bruce of the “Bruce 3” solo act. (He’s also with us on this tour).

Bruce comes from a sailing family. A competitive sailing family. So oceanic is their vibe that the inside of their home has the distinct feel of the belowdecks of a ship. The wallpaper is a deep-sea green, and there are nautical things hanging everywhere. And trophies, lots of trophies.

Interesting thing about sailing trophies, they come in a wide variety of mediums. There’s the standard cup-shaped trophy, usually mounted on a wooden base. Then you’ll see silver platters. Cocktail trays. Desk clocks. Pens. Watches. So you’ll see all these little (sometimes big) items around Bruce’s house with “1st place: Secret”. Secret is the name of their boat. But it’s no secret (wait for it…) that this is a family of elite sailors.

In fact, Bruce’s dad wasn’t even at the show. He was competing that weekend in a race. But we got to meet his mom and brother (whose name is Bryce, how awesome is that?) and many, many of his salty friends.

The crowd was very attentive for the show, and we played some rare ones like “Sit at the Table” (thanks for the request Sean Fisher). We even played the Ocean Suite in its entirety for the first time. (“Swimming Mood”–“Little Creatures” Interlude–“Huge Gray Blue”).

BUT…the highlight of the show did not involve any music whatsoever. I called a Blue Team water timeout around halfway through the set, and walked in across the porch deck in front of the whole crowd towards the sliding door that led to the bathroom inside. What came next is a blur, but basically what happened is….I walked directly through a screen door. Broke it. Just demolished it.

It was the strangest sensation. It felt like I was an octopus getting caught by a huge net made by some enterprising member of Bruce’s family. But alas, I cannot claim even the small martyrdom associated with being a caught-seabeast. I can only claim embarrassment and shame at being such an inept, landlubber laughing-stock. If only someone had been taking video.

In fact, I’m ashamed to report that there I have no video wrap-up for this show. I was slacking I guess. And actually the only footage I took was this 10-second clip of a few of us playing a pre-show game of wiffle ball. Somebody is grounding out weakly (ahem, Joe). Soooo…enjoy that.

I’ll be sure to document better next time.

Big thanks to Mrs. Kuryla, Bryce, and of course Bruce for all the work they did to help make the night a bug success. But you guys might wanna put up a sign near that screen door. Came outta nowhere.

Here’s a photo of some of those Bruce Family trophies. That’s a clock, a cutting-board, a candle stick, and a silver cup.


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