So there are these dudes in West Chester, PA. A guy named “Hammer” is the one who booked us, but it’s a whole big brotherhood they’ve got going on, and they throw this thing called “Ahk-Stock” for their friend named “Ahmed”. Only the video recap can really do it justice, but the following words and phrases will give you a quick idea of what this thing was like: a neighborhood, an old speed limit sign on the corner that had the “2” of “25 mph” painted over (5 mph), lawn games, cup-holders that stick in the lawn, food, big open field, canopy tents, dogs, a river, fishing poles, small-mouthed bass, a homemade raft with a makeshift motor and steering helm attachment, home-made stage involving branches and leaves and bamboo, a huge game of ultimate frisbee, lots of Eagles and Phillies clothing, a fire-pit, a girl who could throw a football like freaking Terry Bradshaw, a group of marines, a trio of linebackers from Shippensburg University, and two sets by Full Service (one electric and one acoustic).

Hammer and his core crew treated us very well. They loaned us equipment for our electric set (since it’s the only electric set of the tour for us). They provided Bonesaw with gluten-free beers (he drank two!). They got us t-shirts commemorating “Ahk-Stock”. They even hd spare bathing suits out just in case one of us bozos forgot their suit (I did). And they way they organized an impromptu 4-team Ultimate Frisbee round robin tournament was impressive and I might even say inspiring. (side note, for anyone keeping score…Bonesaw, Hoag, and Smell’s team took first place).

Hammer made set-lists for both our electric and acoustic set, so it was pretty much the perfect Full Service experience for him I suppose. And it was great playing some rare ones like “Eyes Like Snow”, “Subterranean”, “Laundry on the Line”, “Like a Pony”. Plus, we hadn’t played an electric set since The Circus (!!), so that felt really good.

All in all, what a ridiculous time we had. You know it’s gonna be a great show when there’s a dude in the crowd with an Allen Iverson Sixers jersey on. And when the whole crowd boos Smell for being a Cowboys fan. Enjoy the video!

Oh and here’s the sweet Iverson jersey I mentioned. This dude was cool.


One thought on “Hoag’s Tour Diary (entry #4) Aug. 2013

  1. Jason Hare

    Can’t thank you guys enough for coming here and rocking our little neighborhood. It was great to hang out and listen live to your brand of kick ass harmonic music. Finally, I heavily enjoy a band that Hammer wont shut up about… You guys have made my summer complete.

    Thanks again, and anytime you’re in town and want to kick back on a canoe for a little… you know where to go! See you soon!

    -Jason Hare

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