Brick Kitchen: Charleston, SC

You know you’ve been around the block a few times when there’s nothing particularly strange about spending an entire afternoon hanging out in the waiting room of an auto-repair shop. Usually there’s some crappy coffee, a few Time magazines, and ESPN day programming on the flat screen TV.

We had a day like that today. As I said, the Whale needed some part replaced. This one, in fact. Doesn’t it look like a steam-punk mask or something?

Anyway, there was some pretty entertaining Little League Baseball playing on ESPN so it wasn’t that bad. We couldn’t stop laughing at this little pre-game segment they did where each team picked a representative to compete in a quick dance-off. These little dudes were real cocky about their moves, but the on-field mascot (a giant mouse I guess?) smoked them both with a simple lean-back-body-bob-double-arm-float. Smell cheered real loud when the mascot did this bit, and that made sense to me because the mascot reminded me very much of Smell. That’s a compliment, Smell.

So when they finally squared away whatever was wrong with the Whale, we hit the road to Charleston where Matt Appleman had put together a show for us at a charming old converted-house restaurant called the Brick Kitchen. It had perfect “backyard” feels and it felt very appropriate playing our set there. Living room furniture outside on the porch surrounding a covered stage. Murals of fish and crabs on the wooden fence surrounding the property. Kinda felt like we were back in Austin, only we were very close to the water so the air was much more moist, which I think helped loosen up the vocal cords.

Many thanks to Matt for putting this together, and for the grilled Mahi with sweet potatoes and 90-minute IPA.

Also, great to see Sunny’s brother Jason and his wife Angela and their three kids. I’m not sure how the youngest Jameson outlasted his older brother and sister, but he sure had a motor last night. There was a brief crying session after we played “Gymnasium”, but we fixed that real quick with “Wheels on the Bus”, which–we learned later–is his favorite song.

Only one bummer about our Charleston experience, and we won’t let it affect our overall impression, but sadly we had a few things stolen out of the van while we were at Walmart right before the show. Lost Bonesaw’s laptop, and Smell and Sunny’s backpacks. On the way to the hotel after the show, the conversation went something like this:

Sunny: “Aw man! I had my hackysack in there. They took my hackysack!”

Smell: “I know! I had my Indian Pottery in my bag.”

Bonesaw: “I lost all my email contact folders, many important band documents and files, and generally the entire command-center workflow that keeps this band going. But I’m sorry to hear about your hackysack and Indian pottery shards.”

Then the night got worse when I turned in an inexplicably poor navigation performance trying to help Bonesaw get us back to the hotel. We ended up going over the same bridge 3 times. It got pretty tense. Actually it rounded the corner of tense and got so ridiculous that we all ended up laughing pretty hard. It was 1:30am at the end of a very long day and I guess the guys simply did not have the energy to really get mad at me.

Well that’s a wrap, folks! Hope you enjoyed my diary entries from this tour. Catch you on the next one.

Set list

I wanna go home
Tennessee Traveler
Wheels on the bus
Hi ho
Homies (1st time played with Sunny)
Empty Sea
Ice Cream Cone
Blueberry Farm (Bruce3 on vocals)
Sloop John B
Drum Solo
Circus Freak

2 thoughts on “Hoag’s Tour Diary (entry #15)

  1. Jason Eckel

    It was a great show! The kids had a blast .. and yes, Jameson was off-the-chain crazy! Can’t wait to see you guys in October!

  2. Nancy Eckel

    Hoag – you’ve done a masterful job of these entries – they’ve been wonderful to read. I haven’t watched all the videos yet, but definitely will. You guys take such good care of your fans! Glad you made it back safe and sound — see ya soon!!

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