Malone’s Pour House: Charlotte, NC

Whenever we play in Charlotte, this dude named Will (many of you Circus Freaks may know him) is our point man. Will hosted us at a house last year in Charlotte, and this time he put together a show at a local pour house called Malone’s.

Will also helped us get to a reliable mechanic (something in the Whale, I have no idea what it was, it’s not interesting anyway, it’s fixed now, let’s move on), and drove us around around town when we Whale was washed ashore.

He also scored us 5 guest passes to the Dowd YMCA so we could run 3 v. 3 basketball.

Will can ball. He hangs out near the 3-point line and has an infuriating ability to make a jab-step and pull back for a jumper. Usually a swish.

He played with Bonesaw and Sunny’s Red Team, and they defeated me, Smell and Bruce’s Blue Team in humiliating fashion in game one. We then took game two with a renewed focus on defense and off-the-ball movement. We also had some success with getting the ball into the low post and feeding cutters coming in from the top of the key.

Game 3 went back and forth. Tensions reached maximum level when I elbowed Bonesaw with great velocity in the mouth and nose region. I heard a lot of rattling. Teeth? Jaw? Nose bone? I couldn’t tell. But I was expected blood. Thankfully there wasn’t any, but I did receive a tongue-lashing from Bonesaw for being a dirty player. I told him he was all up in my space. He told me I need to keep my elbows lower. I told him I was executing a standard swim-move to get around a close defender and that sometimes these things happen in basketball. Then he shook it off and checked it up.

The game continued to go back and forth until Red Team went on a run and got it to 12-8.

What happened next is a blur. Somehow we went on a 4-0 run and tied it up at 12. Red Team scored a quick bucket to make it 13-12, and we checked it up. Very important possession here. I was thinking “just get it even at 13 and force a turnover to get the score advantage back”, but Bruce had other plans, receiving the pass from Smell off the check. He then dribbled around to the top of the arc and heaved up a 2-pointer.

“No!! I shouted”. We had nobody in position for a rebound and Blue Team is not known for its perimeter shooting. But…somehow that damn thing made it through the hoop and we were suddenly sitting on a 14-13 advantage.

After an offensive board on a Red Team jumper, Smell hit me up top and I drove to the lane. When I released my tear-drop shot, Bonesaw fouled me and even called himself on it, but it didn’t matter. The shot went in. Blue Team wins.

I told Bonesaw as were all high-fiving and saying good game, “I’d slap your hand but you just slapped the shit out of mine on that last play, ay-ohhhhh!!”

I thought that was pretty clever.

After some dinner at Qdoba (and a rare ice cream indulgence by Bonesaw at a nearby Ben & Jerry’s), we headed to Malone’s pour house for the show. Our acoustic set works best as an intimate affair, so to that end we arranged chairs and tables on a raised-deck section of the club. With all our lights and some new fake flower bouquets I bought earlier in the day at Walmart, we were really able to create a nice ambience.

Great turnout from some serious fansaw notables. Justin, did we ever get you that Tennessee Traveler thing? Scott, thanks for those beers. And everyone else, thank you for being there and singing along. Glad you got “Revisited”, Jessica. And Will, thanks again for helping us out all day (and the next day).

Oh! Also, we successfully completed the FS “Album Challenge”, in which we set out to play at least one song from every album we’ve ever made. And Will requested “Dumb Angel”, which we’ve done twice before, and hadn’t ever felt comfortable until tonight. I think we’re turning a corner on that one, acoustically speaking. It’s fine to play electric, but there are all sorts of re-calibrations that come with playing a different, much smaller, mostly cymbal-less kit with brushes, not sticks.

Enjoy the video recap!

Set list

I wanna go home
(Start of ’10 album challenge’)
Late January
Lizards on a Tree
Oh Kill Me
(Did I miss one here?)
Imaginary Girl
Blueberry Farm
The Pieta
Tennessee Traveler
Roaming Dragons
Sloop John B
(Heavy Metal trivia)
Drum Solo
Rocket ships
Better Back Then
Dumb Angel
Hi Ho

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  1. Tn Traveler

    Never got it, but you guys had a lot on your plate with the Whale going down. Bone said hr would do it when you got home. I have her address so email me before you mail it and I’ll give it to you. Thank you guys for an awesome show! And for the shout outs. So thankful to have met you guys. Crazy its been over 2 years since you all came out of the gates at Pow Wow.

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