Roanoke, VA: Chandler Lambourne, host

From the Potomac River near Fredericksburg to an old railroad district in Roanoke. Oh, the places we go!

Chandler-Roanoke’s host-booked us to play in the courtyard of a new apartment building that his friend Joe manages. The building sits 50 yards from the train tracks and used to be the corporate headquarters of the train line. Joe has been successful in turning the converted apartments into an attractive place for young renters, and he has recently started throwing get-togethers in the courtyard to create some excitement about the place and a sense of community amongst the tenants.

Aside from the loud freight trains forcing a few timeouts during our set (which was really more funny than annoying), the acoustics were great in that courtyard. The vocals swam around in the natural reverb of the three-building horseshoe formation, and the kick drum enjoyed some extra depth as well.

Other highlights of the night included 4 of the biggest pizza pies I have ever seen in my life (boxes roughly the size of New Mexico), and somebody FINALLY winning Bonesaw’s nightly game of “Heavy Metal Trivia”. (Bone’s been playing bits of heavy metal riffs, usually a Megadeth riff, and if someone in the audience gets it right they win a t-shirt).

Chandler and Joe, you guys did a fantastic job putting this thing together, and screw playing a club next time we’re in town–let’s just go back to that courtyard.

And again, sorry Smell and I stayed behind on the pre-show hike, Dragon’s Tooth looked like fun, but Blue Team needed some rest.

Enjoy this wrap up video.

Oh and here’s the first video in an instagram series I’ve started called “Stairwell Reverb Sessions”. Whenever I find a stairwell with good reverb, I’ll do a little a capella, simple because its hard to resist and stairwells often having amazing reverbs. This episode 1 is from a Ramada in Roanoke.

Set list:

Flower Boxes
Black is Back
Sloop John b
I wanna go home
The Pieta
Hi Ho
Dumb Angel
Heavy metal trivia
30th Anniversary

2 thoughts on “Hoag’s Tour Diary (entry #13)

  1. Chandler

    Thanks guys! Great nights and lots of new fans made. I’d love to see the videos, does not look like they imbedded. See you next time and the courtyard is here anytime you want to come back.

  2. Joe Pritchard

    Guys: Awesome show. You are welcome anytime. I really admire and appreciate the kind words. Good luck to all of you and hope to see you again.

    Also could not see video.



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