Fredericksburg, VA: Jason Foreman, host

It’s rare to live near a body of water and be able to see that water out of every window in your house. Let’s think, you’d either have to a) live on a tiny island–almost like a sandbar, or b) live very far out on a peninsula.

At Jason’s Foreman’s parents’ house it is possible under scenario b. They live on a patch of land on the Potomac river and the water wraps around their property in a peninsular fashion. In fact, according to lore, they live on the land from which Pocahontas was taken to Jamestown. The boat took off from a jutting piece of land about 100 yards from the grill on which Jason’s stepdad Jack–on the night of our recent backyard visit–cooked the most delicious burgers I’ve ever had. (I ate two).

Jason originally planned on having us play at his house, but earlier in the week decided to ask Jack and his mother Linda to host the band and a bunch of friends. A million thank yous to them for saying yes, because their hospitality and their home and yard made for some great memories.

It would have been worth the trip just for the sunset, actually, but when you factor in those hamburgers, the conversation, that cool fly-swatter gun, the bits of Indian pottery that Smell excavated from the yard, and a terrifying but, in hindsight, hilarious and impressive swarm of gnats (a torGNATdo?) that attacked us at the beginning of the set…well all that combines to make for one hell of night.

Oh, and a pony keg of Stone IPA, throw that in there too.

Enjoy this video, it will do more to recreate the experience than my words can.

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