Ok, diary, last we spoke we were headed onto the Rombello cruise. For those of you that don’t know about Rombello, think musical festival at sea. The Caribbean Sea to be exact. We performed with the likes of Michael Franti, Ozomatli, State Radio, G. Love and Special Sauce, Jason Isbell, Bad Rabbots, Naia Kete, Swear and Shake and many others.

I’d try to describe how magically delicious it was–the playing, the dancing, the swimming, the frolicking, but words simply would not do it justice. But I do have one quick observation. I don’t know how many of y’all have been on music boat cruises promoted and produced by Sixthman, but it occurred to me on this, Full Service’s 4th adventure, that when it comes down to it, Sixthman is a physical trainer of sorts. The cruises are a party sprint and it’s Sixthman’s job to help you reach your full party potential. When you want to quit, they’re there with a challenge to keep going. There’s always an event to take part in, always a band to go see, always a beer you should be drinking, and if you slack, you’ll blame yourself in the morning for ducking out early the night before. Because what are you gonna remember? Having had a “good night’s sleep” or having gone to the 1am silent disco dance party? So thank you, Sixthman, for encouraging us to go the distance for four full days.

But as I said, I shan’t be writing about the whole experience because it would be futile. Pictures would help you more, so enjoy the gallery below! Also take a look at the highlight reel we made for the entire 6-week Full Service tour. We can’t wait to see y’all again.


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