Recently passed some time wondering whether there was a Full Service song in every key (in western music). Not talking minor or major or modes or anything here, though it’d be interesting to see which are major / minor and if we have any modal tunes. Anyway, here’s a few in each key. I think there’s only one in Ab!

A – Tennessee Traveleer, Coconuts, Ice Cream Cone, Lately

B – Late January, Blocks Fall, Everybody

C – Minnows, Imaginary Girl, Temporarily,

D – Empty Sea, Kristine, Sawdust, Dumb Angel, Hi Ho

E – Evergreen, Youuuuu, Revisited, Tasteless Gravy, Pulse, Oddball Memories

F – Ba Da Ba, Get Me Out of Here

G – Strings, Egwene, Row Your Boat, Sit at the Table, Rocketships

Ab – Bad News

Bb – Blueberry Farm,

C# – Clock Ticks, Me and the Moon

D# – Oh Kill Me

F# – Don’t Deny, In the Meantime, Freezing Dub, Bonesaw

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