Smellman smells….

20 tour.
My name is Pato Smellman and we are on the 20 tour. It is so ohesome!  I feel we have stumbled into an amazing way of touring!!  Every stop, without fail, surprises me.  I knew that we were going out to see big fans, new and old, but I didn’t imagine all sweet adventures and great people it would bring.  I mean… gosh!!  We have played underneath rocket ships, in beautiful houses, rad barns, cabins, park sheds, backyards, workshops and on back porches.  We have rocked with generations of Grabowski’s, Kepner’s, Merydith’s, Smith’s, and Rankin’s.  We’ve been fed very well even though we have two vegetarians and a gluten-free warrior.  AND… people buy us freaking delicious beers, provide amazing baked goods, let us wash clothes AND ARE JUST AS STOKED AS WE ARE!!!!!  It’s unbelievable.  I feel very privileged to be in so many different places where every single person is in a fantastic mood and very happy to see each other.  Thank you so much to everyone who has had us play for them.  We are extremely lucky to have people in our lives so down to help us chase dreams.

Smellman Q&A

  1. Briefly describe the four shows we played on the boat. (The who, what, when, and where)

We were fortunate to play on all the days of the cruise.  The first one was in a big theatre.  There was floor seating which consisted of benches lined up.  There was enough room between the benches to properly rock out.  There was also a balcony seating area which provided a great view from where ever you were seated.  The show in this room was great.  We were all amped to be rockin on a boat.  The crowd was great we had a bunch of people that knew us and came to support.  We also had many people wander in during the show which was awesome.  Made many new fans the first show!!

  1. What was your favorite show to play and why?

The second show was my favorite show ever!  Of all shows we have played this one was the most excellent.  It was on the top deck of the ship which was called the “Lido Deck”.  When we were setting up the sky got very dark and ominous. We knew rain was coming but continued to set up.  All the equipment had been up for about 20 minutes and then the rain came.  It was furious.  Strong winds and cold rain drops were pounding the Lido Deck.  The rest of the boys were mysteriously gone and I could see the ship’s crew needed help covering the gear and sound system.  I jumped into action.  The crew and I tried to pull tarps over the drums, amps, huge speaker towers but the 50 mph winds had different plans.  Despite nature’s wrath we were able to get the kit and amps covered but the speaker towers were posing a bit of a problem.  The traps were acting as sails and took all six of us to hold down.  At one point one of the crew members was 25 feet in the air on a speaker tower getting abused by the elements when the front house sound man came down and yelled, “You are gonna kill yourself.  Get down from there.” At that moment I felt like a real sailor, getting pelted cold rain, lashing whipping tarps to the lido deck, getting yelled at by a salty sea sound man….  best part of the cruise.  It was surreal.  It poured for about half an hour then the skies cleared.  Well maybe not cleared but it stopped raining.  The skies 360 degrees around the boat were gray and the clouds in front of the boat were especially dark.  Sound man said go time so we ripped the tarps down, swept the puddles off stage, and plugged in.  The show was so insane.  The rain had stopped but not the wind.  The seas were rough and the boat was swaying side to side, sometimes very violently.  It was a heavy set.  It had to be heavy to put up some kind of fight against Poseidon.  We were scheduled to play an hour and a half but about 50 minutes in Bonesaw called out the god of the sea as he played opening riff of “tasteless gravy”.  It was our last song.  Rain came back to join the fierce wind and we were done.  We rocked that 50 minutes so hard, against rain, wind, and waves.  Best Full Service show to date.

  1. Who is DJ Soulman and why is he awesome?

DJ soulman is awesome because he uses his music to hype.  He comes in on the mic every once and a while but for the most part he is just spinning and mixing great danceable tunes. His energy is contagious.  The crowd can feel his love for what he does and gives him the love back.  AND he is freakin sick and mixing the song transfers were seamless and very impressive.

  1. Who are the Raspler brothers and why are they awesome?

Adam and Peter Raspler are the two brothers that manage 311.  They are really sweet men.  They have been managing the band for a long time now and are still at the shows with their fists in the air and lips movin to their favorite lines.  They fuckin love 311!!  They have been managing the band for so long that if they missed a show or were not all about the same songs anymore no one could blame them.  But no, they are 311’s managers, friends, and their biggest fans.  That is so cool.  The whole scene was amazing to be a part of.

  1. Explain any experiences you may have had with Venus Williams.

The second night at the 311 show Venus was sitting in front of me.  At one point, I think it was Chad’s solo, we both sat down to enjoy the beats.  Afterwards Venus stood up and I couldn’t see anymore.  I chuckled to myself that my view was being blocked by Venus Williams.  Haha cool.

  1. Explain any interactions you may have had with the guys in 311.

I didn’t have much interaction with the 311 dudes.  But Chad did make a point to come introduce himself and meet us.  I found that extremely admirable.  But the whole cruise felt like a huge boat full of 311 family.  Everyone was so nice or positive as 311 says.

  1. What was it like playing on equipment that was not yours? (The bands— besides 311—had to use equipment that was provided by the production company, “Sixthman Productions”)

After playing with sixthman’s gear I decided I am going to fix my stuff when I get home.  Gosh their stuff sounded great.

  1. Describe what it felt like to be on the behemoth that is the Carnival “Destiny” cruise ship

The cruise felt like a mall that swayed back and forth.  It also gave Hoag an excuse for all his stumbling around.  “It’s the cruise not the brews!”

  1. Say a thing or two about the other bands.

ALL the other bands were so nice.  Sometimes when we arrive to clubs on land bands are a little stand-offish.  We are guilty sometimes of this but it didn’t apply at all on the boat.  All the bands were like a big family going to each other’s shows, late night pizza rendezvous, and dance parties.   Very pleasant time.

  1. How did the screening of “TAKEOVER!” go?

The screening could not have gone better.  It got delayed a few times but I think this helped attendance.  It gave us time to meet peeps and spread the word.  People laughed harder, and cheered louder than I had imagined.  Parts of it made me blush and laugh at myself.  Hoag did an amazing job.  I think what he made with mooger’s shots is the best product that could have come out of all that.  He didn’t need 20,000 dollars and months of time, just an ipa or two, a month of devotion, and a pirated copy of final cut.  You are the best Hoagman.

  1. Talk about some of your favorite cruisers. Make an All-Star team.

Brett and crew.  You are forever our medicine man.  we will take you where ever we go.  You are awesome brother.

That dude with the huge tattoo across his chest.  The biggest fan we made.  He rocked a headband and our shirt majority of the cruise.  Didn’t know him before the cruise now I love him.

That dude that use to have dreads but now wears that bandana.  Always ran into him and got hugs.

Mr. Sunburn.  This man got fried the day before the cruise but still partied everyday and went on to the island.  Chilled in the shade on the island but was there.  Great company.

Mike and Mike.  Got on the wrong shuttle so glad they did.  Ya’ll rock.

Hash man?  don’t know who you are or where you are form but thanks bra.

Sixthman crew.  Such a great production crew.  So nice and helpful.

  1. How much did you sleep?

No time.  Two of the four nights I think Hoag, Chito and I were the last 3 people awake.  Got to live it up.  We can sleep when we are not on a huge amazing boat in the middle of the Caribbean.

  1. How did we end up throwing an orange off the back of the boat on the last night?

I am not sure how we ended up throwing the orange off the boat the last night at 3 in the morning.  The orange was a great addition to the party that night.  It was getting so much love during the dancing.  I heard there was a banana throwing party the night before but we missed it.  This was our fruit throwing party.

  1. What was your favorite moment?

My  dinner date with Chito.  It was an amazing day then Chito and I made our way to the band dining area.  We were blown away by the amount and quality of food.  Filled our plates then went and ate at a very romantic table for two.  Great moment!!