Download the ENTIRE kick-off show from the Full Service Circus (May 3, 2013) from Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, TX!

Available EXCLUSIVELY here on, the album features 29 tracks and over 2 hours of material including all the between song banter, fan guest appearances, and of course the mascot of the Circus – Vitali!

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“Roaming Dragons” (acoustic album)


“Roaming Dragons” (acoustic album)
December 2010

With the band on a break from touring during the broiling Texas summer of 2010, Hoag and Bonesaw cleared out the drums and amps and transformed the jam room into an un-plugged recording studio. Finally taking the time to give the mellow, acoustic songs they’d been writing for years a chance to reach the surface, the resulting album is, by all early accounts, the best sounding and most intoxicating group of songs to date. It’s top heavy on towers of vocal harmonies, unusual percussion and guitar trickery.

Top selections from the 18-song album include “Lately,” “Strings,” “Roaming Dragons,” “Hallways” and more.

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Also available on: Roaming Dragons - Full Service