Full Service is proudly sponsored by and associated with several kick-ass companies and organizations who have helped us out along the way, or whom we have pledged our own support for.

Gibson Guitars USA
What does it mean to have a dream come true? Well Bonesaw experienced it when he officially signed a sponsorship deal with Gibson Guitars! Here is a pic of one of his two axes, compliments of Gibson. He plays a 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional (pictured) as well as a 2010 Flying V. He also breaks out his older 1995 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Wine Red) on occasion.

Gibson Bonesaw Bonesaw's Gibson


Warwick Basses
Sunny is an official endorser of Warwick Basses! This is kind of mind blowing for Sunny… to join the likes of P-Nut (311), Troy Sanders (Mastodon) and many more playing these instruments. More info on Warwick to come soon, but check them out on facebook or www.warwickbass.com. And see Sean’s new bass in action on tour!

Warwick Basses see more pics of sean and his bass!

Kazoobie Kazoos
World’s Premier Kazoo maker (www.kazoos.com) is an official sponsor of FS! They got wind of our extensive use of the Kazoo on the song “Trumpets” and now supply us (and our fans) with custom FS kazoos! Get one for yourself on our merch page, or come to a show and get involved! Here’s how it came to be:

Austin’ Pizza
austins-pizza-201201131815-1.logo_topIt has been said that there would be no Full Service without Austin’s Pizza… and it’s true! Smell and Hoag met as managers of Store #5 back in 2004 and Smell is a valued employee to this day. Original bassist Twinky P was also an employee. AP continues to support FS events and was the lead sponsor of the Full Service Circus. WE LOVE AUSTIN’S PIZZA!


Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

wahoosWahoo’s makes food that fits perfectly in the FS lifestyle: healthy, affordable and delicious! More than that, our friends Chad, Jeff and Gary at Wahoo’s share the same “down for anything” spirit that we also embody. They were official sponsors of the Full Service Circus, have provided food and beer for several FS events, hosted shows at their locations, and have been great mentors and idea guys for our crazy promotional stunts! Check ’em out when you’re in Austin!


The Walker Project
San Diego based surfboard and clothing company. Check out the RIDICULOUS custom FS Walker board that just arrived! They’ve also sent us tons of clothes, $$ to help our tours, and general good vibes. check them out: www.thewalkerproject.com.
FS Board 

We’ve also been featured in TWP’s new wakesurfing DVD. Watch it below:


Brioni’s Ultra-Premium Coffee

Based in Connecticut, Brioni’s Coffee has been a long time supporter of FULL SERVICE with coffee to keep us going on the road, hosting the band for shows and events, and tour support. Bonesaw in particular won’t drink anything else. It’s a struggle to find good coffee on tour… but not when you’re rolling with Brioni’s single serving packs!

Check them out: www.brionis.com


Other Great Companies
Rebecca Bennett Artworks – Bone and Hoag’s cousin
Austin Promotional Solutions – Makers of the Full Service T-shirts
Trizones – Smell’s mom’s Triathlon Training Company. Tri Hard, Live Easy.
Homeruns for Harlem – Our friend Mike Pinsky’s charity to raise $$ to buy baseball equipment and hire coaches for inner-city youth baseball teams in New York City.