At the Full Service Circus 2 (October 2014) we inducted the first class of “FanSaw Hall of Famers!” Criteria for this inaugural group was simple: Anyone who has hosted more than two “20 Tour” house concerts. Here’s is the FanSaw Hall of Fame :: First Class!

Steffan “Kazooologist” Stroud
2011 & 2012, Dallas TX
Memorable moment: He crowd surfed his living room.

Marino & Kim Radke
2014 (twice), CharlotteNC
Memorable moment: Writing “Radke Party” theme song during show.

Pat & Ali Downes
2013 & 2014, Newport, RI
Memorable moment: Playing fetch in their yard with their enormous great dane. It was not a stick, it was a branch.

Taylor Robertson
2011, 2012, & 2013, Kansas City, MO
Memorable moment: Talking with her Grandpa in the living room before the show.

Jon Adams, Scott Sprague, Jerad Kyle
2013 & 2014, Chicago, IL
Memorable moment: Writing an impromptu song with Jon’s dad while he played guitar for us during sound-check.

Chad Neustifter
2013  & 2014, Oshkosh, WI
Memorable moment: Taking a walk before the show with Chad and co. to catch a bit of the free Blues Traveler show in the park.

Mike Kelly
2012 & 2014, Austin, TX
Memorable moment: Watching Mikey give a tearful wedding vow to his sweetheart Mary.

Will Scroggin
2011 & 2014 Wichita, KS and Atlanta, GA
Memorable moment: Will treating us to breakfast the next morning at his favorite diner.

Jon & Felicia McGuire
2013 & 2014, Houston, TX
Memorable moment: Playing the show hopped up on Vicodin, with my left foot in an ice bucket. All their friends took such good care of me. (I had a severe ankle sprain.)

Andrew Hartnett
2011 & 2013, Houston, TX
Memorable moment: Playing “Rocketships” underneath a rocket ship at a NASA facility.

Rob Linder & Rick Reagan
2010 & 2013, Houston, TX
Memorable moment: Laughing. These are two of the funniest people on planet earth.

Melissa Knowles
2012 & 2014, Atlanta, GA
Memorable moment: Playing “Lately” while she and Matt walked down the aisle.

Will Wooten
2012 & 2014, Charlotte, NC
Memorable moment: Playing basketball at the YMCA with Will before the show. Dude drains threes.

Ryan & Timea Brady
2013 & 2014 Indianapolis, IN
Memorable moment: Playing “Revisited” with Timea sitting in on bass guitar.

Ryan & Stefanie Helms
2012 & 2013, Milford, PA
Memorable moment: Waking up at their house to discover that Smell and Sunny had spent the night passed out in the Whale after a little Vodka post-party.

Jeremy Ernst
2013 & 2014 Ft. Wayne, IN
Memorable moment: Jeremy telling me that my voice sounded really good on the chorus to “Revisited”. That meant a lot.

Ryan Smith and Family
2011 & 2012, Claremore OK
Memorable moment: Ryan got arrested thanks to repeated noise complaint calls from his psycho neighbor… BEFORE THE SHOW EVEN HAPPENED! It was 100% not his fault, but it was amazing!

Colleen Conrad
2011 & 2012, Austin, TX
Memorable moment: Colleen hosted FS in her middle school English classes and did a week-long lyrical interpretation on Hoag’s “Roaming Dragons” album lyrics. The kids’ questions for Hoag were personal and priceless.

Alex and Nick von Sternberg
2011 & 2013, Houston, TX
Memorable moment: The amazing photo journal their dad made and sent us after the show.

Sonya Brubaker
2011 & 2014, Portage, IN, and Chicago, IL
Memorable moment: Sonya dressing up her 3-legged dog in a Full Service sweater.

Kama Star
2012 & 2014 Las Vegas, NV
Memorable moment: Kama Candies.

2013, Austin, TX
Note: Yes, the criteria for this year’s inductees is to have hosted at least two (2) 20-Tour shows. BUT….Ashsaw is our first EVER fan in the world. Hence, automatic entry.