TAKEOVER! – the movie

Thanks for the interest in “TAKEOVER!” – the movie! We believe this movie can appeal to ANY person, not just a fan of FS or a music lover. However, we’ve had some trouble getting it in front of the right people who can help get it to a wider audience. So if you watch it and enjoy it and have an idea or know someone who can help, please email me! bone@fullservicemusic.com.

Enjoy the movie FREE for the week of May 20 – 27, 2013. Why? Because our FanSaws RULE!!

“Takeover!” (documentary) from Hoag Man on Vimeo.

The Full Service Circus

The Full Service Circus is now officially happening… and launched!

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A great piece of fanmail

Every once in a while I get some great pieces of Fanmail, and EVERY time I get one from this guy it makes me laugh. RickSaw has been a loyal fan for about five years now. He and his good buddy Rob aka Robketships are hosting FS for a big, two-set party in December. RickSaw took it upon himself to make a setlist. My favorite part is that he knows exactly which songs he will get resistance from us. Here is his email:


Boneasaurus Rex,

Long time homey.  I’ve been in India for the last 8 months.  (stories later)  I will be coming home for good nov 30 and will be attending the concert.  As you can see once again I have made an EPIC set-list.  I am very very excited to see you guys.  Its been way too long.  But, this isn’t about me.  Its about my best friends accomplishment, who is quite the gentleman and now a “master” scholar.  He gave me permission to make the set-list, which I usually excel at.  So here it is.  I look forward to seeing you guys very soon.

Compliments of Ricksaw

This setlist is flexible, but also mandatory.  Failure to play requested songs will result in immediate departure from the stage.  Also, your first born will be sacrificed.

ACOUSTIC    (set 1)


Loris  (it’s a good laugh, me and rob love this one)

Pizza Song (must play)

Ghosts Of Gettysburg  (must play)



(not sure what other acoustic songs ya’ll like to play, surprise us)

Roaming Dragons

Greetings (must play this last during acoustic set)

****** special Ricksaw request, you must play Greetings last in the acoustic set.  When the real rocking occurs in the second set, the first song must also be greetings (hardcore version). FYI, Rob didn’t know that these songs were one in the same.  True story, when I told him it actually literally blew his mind.  He was like, WTF?!?!  I think we might have been high too.  Which made it extra mind blown.  He will love it.


This is gonna be a tough decision for me to make this list , so many songs.

Greetings  (must be played first)

Bonesaw (and you have to let me intro this one)

I Wanna Go Home


Like A Pony

Already had a heart



Hi Ho

Row Your Boat

Better Back Then





Black is Back (this is actually the song that hooked me and rob) (true story)

Robketships (must end with this song)

Thanks guys for doing this for Rob, he’s super stoked.  We have literally been talking about this for over a year.  You know how much we appreciate all the great music yall put out.  We love yall.  (no homo)

Ricksaw out