“Carousel” review in the Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle reviewed our current record “Carousel” on May 16. 2014! Read it here.

Reviewed by Kevin Curtin / Austin Chronicle 

Presale customers of Full Service’s ninth studio LP received regionally specific tree samplings with this disc. That loving connection to nature reveals itself immediately on Carousel, with opening pair “Honeybee” and “Evergreen” setting love stories amongst the flora and fauna. Downplaying the reggae and metal influences of previous efforts and finding a comfortable zone of smooth, sunny eclectic rock, the local grassroots quartet are liberated to employ cooing harmonies that lead into spring-heeled choruses where singer Hoag Kepner’s tender voice can hang on a soulful line such as the Beatles-quality hook of “Huge Gray Blue.” With a band like Full Service, fan-loving, tree-planting, community-minded posi-rockers that they are, inspiration remains the end goal, but I’d argue that the best moments on Carousel – the stony melodica creeping into “Two Old Birds,” the unexpected shred solo on “Ba Da Ba,” and the fluttering, motormouth intro on “Circus Freak” – occur when they get strange. ***

FS Christmas songs – free gift to the Fansaws!

For Christmas this year, each one of us wrote and recorded an original Christmas-themed song. Now out on Dec 20, they are available as a free download as our gift to you! Listen to and download them here:

“Christmas as a Kid” – by Hoagman
“I Still Believe in Santa Claus” – by Bonesaw
“Reason for the Season” – by Sunny
“Christmas in Austin” – by Smellman

“Carousel” album out 9/26/2013

“Carousel” album download!

We are sold out of the limited-edition “Carousel” packages but you can of course still get the full album below via Bandcamp. The album will also be available on iTunes and everywhere else on October 1!



On September 26, 2013, Full Service held a live variety-show webcast event to release the new album Carousel. 205 FanSaws from around the USA bought packages that included: 

$15 ($2 shipping). Here’s what you get:
1 – instant digital download of “Carousel” (via email)
1 – CD mailed to you
1 – CD mailed to a friend – new fansaws only! – of your choice
1 – tree sapling mailed to you (by region) to plant and grow!
1 – autographed lyric sheet


Download the ENTIRE kick-off show from the Full Service Circus (May 3, 2013) from Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, TX!

Available EXCLUSIVELY here on FSMusic.com, the album features 29 tracks and over 2 hours of material including all the between song banter, fan guest appearances, and of course the mascot of the Circus – Vitali!

Only $3.50 for the first 300 downloads!!!!! (Payments made thru Paypal… a download code comes when you purchase).