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A great piece of fanmail

Every once in a while I get some great pieces of Fanmail, and EVERY time I get one from this guy it makes me laugh. RickSaw has been a loyal fan for about five years now. He and his good buddy Rob aka Robketships are hosting FS for a big, two-set party in December. RickSaw took it upon himself to make a setlist. My favorite part is that he knows exactly which songs he will get resistance from us. Here is his email:


Boneasaurus Rex,

Long time homey.  I’ve been in India for the last 8 months.  (stories later)  I will be coming home for good nov 30 and will be attending the concert.  As you can see once again I have made an EPIC set-list.  I am very very excited to see you guys.  Its been way too long.  But, this isn’t about me.  Its about my best friends accomplishment, who is quite the gentleman and now a “master” scholar.  He gave me permission to make the set-list, which I usually excel at.  So here it is.  I look forward to seeing you guys very soon.

Compliments of Ricksaw

This setlist is flexible, but also mandatory.  Failure to play requested songs will result in immediate departure from the stage.  Also, your first born will be sacrificed.

ACOUSTIC    (set 1)


Loris  (it’s a good laugh, me and rob love this one)

Pizza Song (must play)

Ghosts Of Gettysburg  (must play)



(not sure what other acoustic songs ya’ll like to play, surprise us)

Roaming Dragons

Greetings (must play this last during acoustic set)

****** special Ricksaw request, you must play Greetings last in the acoustic set.  When the real rocking occurs in the second set, the first song must also be greetings (hardcore version). FYI, Rob didn’t know that these songs were one in the same.  True story, when I told him it actually literally blew his mind.  He was like, WTF?!?!  I think we might have been high too.  Which made it extra mind blown.  He will love it.


This is gonna be a tough decision for me to make this list , so many songs.

Greetings  (must be played first)

Bonesaw (and you have to let me intro this one)

I Wanna Go Home


Like A Pony

Already had a heart



Hi Ho

Row Your Boat

Better Back Then





Black is Back (this is actually the song that hooked me and rob) (true story)

Robketships (must end with this song)

Thanks guys for doing this for Rob, he’s super stoked.  We have literally been talking about this for over a year.  You know how much we appreciate all the great music yall put out.  We love yall.  (no homo)

Ricksaw out

How does a band do it?

Earlier this week, Hoag responded to a fan’s email with some pretty insightful pointers about how Full Service approaches making our way in this music world. Here is the email exchange. Later, when I complimented Hoag on his response, he said he just wrote what he thought I would write since he didn’t think I saw the message. The made me think that maybe he and I should switch roles for a while! Nice work, Hoagman – BS

Laura’s Email:

I just wondered if yall would be cool with befriending me and giving me a few pointers regarding the music industry. I am helping my best friend with promoting his band Gypsy Devil. And im completely new to this stuff but have been doing a lot of research. Just wanted to reach out and give it a shot. I know yall have been around for a while and being from austin yall were my first choice to ask advice. :)maybe even if yall could help me with listening to a couple of their songs and givinge feedback…im having a hard time writing the bio. I would appreciate yalls opinion.

Hoag’s Reply:

I’m not sure about reverbnation. i don’t know that anyone uses that anymore. as far as i’m concerned it’s youtube, facebook, itunes, and spotify for bands.

very cool that you are helping your friends’ band! most important thing with a bio is making it have flavor. avoid the words “unique”, “fresh”, and “blend”. Bios are so tough. Used mostly for press releases that–if you’re unsigned–get ignored anyway, or for booking purposes. Most important thing to get booked (if you’re just starting), is having music easily available on your website for clubs to listen to, that way they can match you with other bands on a bill at a stylistic level.

best piece of advice i could offer (and this is hoag, so bonesaw may also have wisdom for you) is to do shit that other bands don’t do. Look at what bands do that you think is annoying and go the other direction. Also, interact on a real level with fans. No spamming, no mass-stuff. It’s gotta be personal. It’s a long slow burn. Also, no time limits on “making it”, you do it forever, and you don’t give a fuck about money, at first at least. You give a fuck about making fans, and turning those fans into friends that would die for you cause that’s what you try to do for them.

Spend as much time being creative with your marketing as you do being creative with your music.

Use social media in ways that others haven’t figured out yet, or are too lazy to follow through on. Shit like “UStream” for instance.

Make awesome merchandise that is comfortable and will sell. Keep designs simple and catchy. This is a great source of income. Download “square” app to sell merch via credit card. Use “” to sell your merch online.

Don’t play covers that everyone has heard other bands cover.

Not sure how much of this was needed or what if any applies to Gypsy Devils, but hope it helps! And what do we know, anyway? What works for us might not be right for another.

Hope to see you soon!


“How The West Was Fun”… a tweet for each day


Do people read full-on blogs anymore? Has twitter obliterated sentences and paragraphs? I wonder. So here’s a little experiment. Instead of a regular tour diary entry, I will recap each tour stop with only 140 characters. (Bonesaw, you probably think I’m doing this as a cop-out, so lest you accuse me of lazy thinking, I assure you this is for the good of the country. I’m not sure why I just said that. It’s an election year and I think I got caught up in the moment). Anyway, here goes! And for the twitter police out there, I DARE you to find an entry in the following list that has more than 140 characters. If you find one, I’ll write a song about how bad-ass you are at counting characters. If that’s what you’d like.


Colorado Springs, CO

I jogged, they walked. So many colors I hadn’t seen b4. What-color-is-THAT?” colors. Night fell quickly. Scared of rattlesnake scenarios.


Evergreen Park, CO

Denver posse! Big-time hike. Thought we saw a bear, but was only a tree stump. Sunny and Smell built rock towers. Bone and I found a teepee.


Denver, CO  (John Dawkins)

Great beers, great chocolate bars. An “oops” ingestion for Bonesaw, he didn’t know. Smell saw it happen and said nothing. #questionablecall


Salt Lake City, UT (Kim Branch)

Fun living room show. Little girl asked “don’t you know ANY of the songs I like?” Undeterred, we launched into TN Traveler, and they danced.


Ketchum, ID (Caren Harris)

Team-building exercise b4 the show with the pitching of a huge tent the host rented. Smell=leader. Comedy of errors but in the end, success.


Payette National Forrest, ID

On the way to a friend’s remote cabin for 3 days off, we were stopped on highway by cattle drive. Uh… #ThisShitDoesn’tHappenInSouthAustin

3 days at Jim’s cabin. True mountain man, he. Grinds in coffee, furnace-heated hot-tub, “Settlers of Catan” by lantern light. #Good4TheSoul


Monroe, WA  (Brooke Barrientes)

Family vibes, tons of munchkins. Excellent moon backdrop. Brooke’s son played after-show. Future star I’m sure. Bone gave him guitar lesson.


Seattle, WA

Pike place=madness. Also best peaches ever, sayeth Smell. Bone was also huge fan of tea store. Hard not to spend $ here. #LotsOfWaresSold


Bainbridge Island, WA (Matt and Mary Taylor)

Woah. What a house. Video tour in highlight reel. Matt&Mary have cutest kids ever, made kazoos. Mary made FS handkerchiefs. Matt got FS tat.


Portland, OR (Paul and Marla Hern)

Herns can throw a party. More munchkins! And Whale pumpkins!(#Rhyme). And a great food spread. Walnut patties? WhyNOT patties! (#BadJoke)


San Francisco, CA  (Matt Schnuck)

Pre-show QnA w/ Bonesaw & host! Beers served in Mason Jars! Unseasonably warm/no AC in upstairs bar! 1st time in SF and 60+ peeps! #”!!!!”


Redwood National Forrest, CA

E.T. & Return of the Jedi vibes. These trees are more than trees. They’re like Senators of the Forrest. Ocean bluffs at the bottom at sunset


Hollywood, CA (Adam Raspler)

Artisan pizza, a muppet-like dog named Piper, and AstroTurf on lawn (a la FSHQ). We handed out swords to crowd for Hi-Ho. LA is not jaded!


Whittier, CA (Amy Cardona and Jerrod Hill)

Dinosaur cookies in honor of “Better Back Then”. An opening band (feat. 1 of the hosts). And a group pic taken on the staircase. #AllFirsts


Manhattan Beach, CA (Mark and Megan Udis)

Little Coop turns 2! We shoulda learned “Little Deuce Coop”. Sunset backdrop, white wine in red cups, and a happy little dude. #PerfectShow?


Las Vegas, NV (Kama Star)

This place was HIPPIE. Firedancers post-show. Jewelry-making workshop in garage. Host had Whale-leggings on and “FS-in-Vegas!” pins made.


Zion Valley, UT

I don’t often fear for my life. But I did on this hike. Chains attached to poles were  provided in order not to fall off cliff and die.


Farmington, NM (Jason Taylor)

Jason, such a kind soul. Got a lesson from Bonesaw before the show, and asked us to sign the new guitar he’s learning to play. #GreatFinale


There ya have it! Concise! Condensed! Perhaps controversial (to those who were looking for a detailed debrief)! In any case, it was a fun exercise trying to twitter-ize our big adventure. Peep the visuals in this Tour Highlight Reel: “How the West was Fun”


Thanks so much to all the hosts! See the accompanying video below.  And if anyone out there is interested in hosting us in the future, email