“Seaweed Sandwich” surf rock album!

It’s not a Full Service album. It’s a Seaweed Sandwich surf-rock album. And it is out NOW! Take all the members of Full Service, add a guy named “Fishtruck”, tell everyone to write 1-3 tunes, come up with some song names that are either genius or groan-fully campy, enlist a friend to make a collage from clippings out of an old encyclopedia, and you have our offering below.

Try to guess who wrote which songs!

Seaweed Sandwich Single

We wrote a surf-rock album under the name Seaweed Sandwich – Full Surf Hits! The album features at 1-3 songs written by each band member. The debut single features a b-side that has guest vocals by SA Martinez and Tim Mahoney (of 311), Chad Stokes (Dispatch) and Pat Downes (Badfish)! Here is the debut single. Full album out March 4!

Hoag and “Walter” Discuss Remasters

We’ve just re-released new versions of our 2008 and 2009 albums “The Dig” and “The Earth Still Wants You” with remastered tracks and several previously unreleased songs! Here, Hoag and Walter The Whale Puppet discuss just what that means! You can hear them on iTunes, Spotify or Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/TESWY17

“The Earth” – http://bit.ly/TESWY17
“The Dig” – http://bit.ly/TheDig17