The Full Service “20 Tour” – What is it?

In early 2011, we released our acoustic album “Roaming Dragons” and decided that the music didn’t fit in dark, late-night clubs. As an alternative, we asked fans across the country if they would be interested in hosting intimate acoustic concerts at their homes, offices, parks, schools… WHEREVER! Plus, working directly with our fans to plan tours and shows just seemed so much more enjoyable than going thru promoters and talent buyers. We called it “The 20 Tour” – $20 per person, limit 20 people, play about 20 songs and only do 20 shows.

Well, 20 shows has turned into over 150 in almost every state in the USA over the last few years! We’ll be doing many more of these in 2017 and if you’re interested in hosting one – no matter WHERE you live – email and get on the list!

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Here’s how it works:

1. You can host the show anywhere you want! Most people do their backyards or living rooms, but we’ve had great shows in middle school English classrooms, under a NASA rocket, at sunset on the beach and many more. It’s YOUR show!

2. Most hosts collect $20 for roughly every guest who attends (so it’s not a financial burden on the host) with a rough limit of 50 people. Other hosts opt to just pay for it all themselves and treat their friends. Either way, we aim to get a minimum of $400 – $500 on weekdays and $600 – $800 on weekends. We don’t need a deposit or anything. . .

3. We have a small PA system and the volume is almost never an issue (we have only ever had two noise complaints from neighbors in six years of tours).

4. Just email Bonesaw – – and get yourself on the database and he will be in touch as the 2014 plans start to come together!

Here’s the song “Vukota” from Marino and Kim (Fort Mill, SC)’s 20 Tour in Summer ’16!

Here’s a video re-cap of a recent 20 Tour to give you an idea of what they are like:

Email Bonesaw with any more questions or to put yourself on the list! There are tons of previous hosts who would love to give you insight and suggestions, too.

Love y’all!